Ms Miller

Ms. Miller, Eighth grade history teacher

Social studies

I asked him questions that I wanted to know about him.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Kaylee Simpkins

My father talks about his experience as a child, and how he has grown to who he is today.

Joshua Klein interviews his father, Travis Klein for the Great Thanksgiving Listen project.

During my interview with my dad, Travis Klein, conducted on December, 10, 2017, he talked about his life growing up and how his life progressed until now. He grew up near Jamestown, New York. He talked about his military experience...

Me and my mom Jackie W

Talked about the government and my moms thoughts on the government. Also talked about my moms job and most importantly me


This interview is to get to know what’s in my partners head about the world and the people around him.

Thanksgiving interview

Jamison and His mom (Betsy) answer some questions about her life and his life growing up.

Thanksgiving Interview

What it was like for me growing up at school and at home.

Mom’s Journey of Life

In this interview, conducted in November 26, 2017 in Fresh Meadows, New York, Barnabas Ban (15) interviews his mother Sohee Cho (48) about her most vivid memories of her life. Mrs. Cho talks about how life was for her. She...

Michael DelPercio – Willowood x PC

Pedro Damasceno (17) speaks to Michael (Mike) DelPercio (99). Interview hosted by Pine Crest’s Photography Club at the Willowood Brookdale resident center on August 9th, 2017. Mike shares the story of his life; New York, the Navy, and love. c/o...

Interview with Don Ferguson (Dad)

We talked about Don's life experiences and his background, and wisdom he would want share with his future descendants.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Nate Desany/Sarah Kelly Falk 11/22/2018

We talked about how my grandmother grew up, her relationships, and a bit about her relationships with her elders.

Papa and Maya

Maya Bloss, 11 years old, interviews her grandfather, Bruce Frankel, 74 years old, on Thanksgiving, 2019 #greatlisten2019