Passionate about Agriculture

I sat down with my husband to learn about why he is passionate about agriculture, and where he works.

Barbara Lengyel

Today I talk with Barbara Lengyel. We talk about different things such as her childhood and life lessons she learned during it. She also explains why she made some of the choices she made and the lives of her ancestors....

Katie and Jake

I asked about Jacobs professions and what he likes to do in those carreers.

Sarah & Mimi

We talked about what Mimi did when she was a child and some of her life experiences. We also spoke of her family.

What is love?

Diving into a deep conversation with my significant other to hear his perspective on love.

Interview with Susan Potter

In this interview, conducted in December 2017 in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, Hannah Potter(15) interviewed her mother Susan Potter (41) about her life.

Africans came to the USA and stayed with my grandfather.

My grandfather had the experience to have Africans stay with him and learn about financing farming.

Interview with grandma

I interviewed my grandma about her childhood and our heritage.

For my Future :)

During this interview, I learned a lot about my family, and my mom and I took a trip down memory lane. :)

Stories from Home, Pennsylvania

My grandfather talked about his childhood and also how he ended up in Wisconsin.

The Life of my AP Lang Teacher

Hi! I’m Mekdes Alemayehu, a junior at Forest Park HS in Woodbridge, VA who will be interviewing my AP Lang teacher, Kerry Haddad, for my U.S. History project.

Richard Mills and Doug Douds

Colleagues Richard Mills (72) and Doug Douds (54) discuss their entrance into the Marine Corps, the importance of learning from the battlefields and histories of the U.S., and making educational approaches accessible to today's learners.

I Lived An Interesting Life

My grandpa lived a very interesting life and still does. He recommends to live life to the fullest, while you have it.

Martin Isack and Lesley Ambika Gibbs, Reflections on Life

Marty, age 62, is interviewed by his friend Ambika, age 52. Marty describes making some big mid-life decisions to change the course of his life and stay true to himself.


Emotional topics about my mamas life and things she could change in the world. But also light easy questions added in to lighten the mood.

Grandma Kaminski talks about her childhood

I am Connor Kaminski, one of the youngest grandchildren of my grandmother Alice Kaminski. She is the oldest living member of my entire extended family and the last of my grandparents. Turning 87 in 2018, she is an inspiration because...

Evelyn Cope with Brother James Burkett and his wife Phyllis.

My Mother Evelyn Cope interviewing her Brother James Burkett during a visit to his home in 2016. James began suffering from Alzheimer's disease and passed away in 2019.

What is love? Part 2

Sorry! Our last interview got cut short, so we made a part 2 to make sure we could finish this awesome interview.