The Great Thanksgiving Listen

I interviewed my grandma Katie (KK) for the Great Thanksgiving Listen and asked her questions about growing up, travel, her career, etc.

Mrs. Jeane

This is my next door neighbor Jeanne Grab. In this recording she talks about her life in Pennsylvania and the ways of marriage and her experience.

Interpersonal Discussion Interview

Once a week, usually Mondays, my mother has her cleaning lady, Cheryl, come and clean her house. On those Mondays when Cheryl is scheduled to be there, we usually exchange a friendly hello and smile, she continues cleaning and I...

Arlyn M Ayala-Estrada and her long family friend Connie Mota while catching a laugh as always…

In this interview conducted in July 23,2020 in Oxford, Pennsylvania, Arlyn Mileydy Ayala-Estrada interviewed her family friend Connie Mota about her childhood and they’re friendship. Connie Mota shares how she’s known Arlyn since a little girl and used to babysit...

A Chat With Grandma

Learning the life of Linda Fengler. Listening about her wonderful life from the start of her childhood, where she lived, her favorite memories, teen life, work life, and her life now.

Angerilis & Bianca

Our conversation was about my surgery when I was 17. I had a tumor that almost killed me and I wanted to know how it has affected her.

Pop pop Deveny

How they were doing in school. And how there childhood was.

Interview with Alfred Morgan

“You came you saw you conquered” -Alfred Morgan Alfred Morgan shares his life with his granddaughter Rachel Meshach. He shares stories from his time in the navy and stories from his childhood. Alfred also gives many great life lessons during...

Katie and Uncle Pete talk about what growing up in a small town in the 1950s was like.

I sat down with my uncle Pete and we talked about what it was like to grow up in a small town in the 1950s. He talked about his sister and what she was like as a teenager. He talkes...

Journey to the Center of Eric

This conversation focused on the impact of religion on his life. As well as how his past has shaped his present and future.

Common Ground Tacony Oral History Project: Heather

Heather shares stories of growing up in the historic Philadelphia neighborhood, Tacony, and shares stories of her childhood and upbringing and then her eventual opening of her business in Mt. Airy, Philaelphia. Recorded as part of an artist residency with...

Working at American Viscose

American Viscose employed over 1500 people in the community of Meadville, Pennsylvania from 1930 before closing under the name Avtex in 1985. At it's preak, the plant produced 22,000,000 tons of synthetic fiber. These stories capture the memories of those...

Joyce Hollobaugh talks about her life experiences and passion for helping people with her interests in medicine.

My mother, Joyce Hollobaugh, discusses how her life experiences competing in volleyball and softball and her career in respiratory therapy has made her the person she is today. As she discusses her experiences, my mother describes all the important life...

Grandma interview

I had a great time interviewing my grandma! This lead to great conversations about her past and how she grew up.

Calvin Coleman & Betty Ann Wilson Family History Vol. II

There has been a historically black neighborhood in Swarthmore, PA the area South east of Yale Avenue where Bowdoin, Brighton, Kenyon, and Union come together, there has for at least about 100 years. Swarthmore Public Library asked Calvin Coleman and...

Interview with Jeanne Ross

The interview consisted of me learning a lot about my grandma that I didn’t know before.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandma grew up in a full house but it was good because she was able to be cared for by her aunt when her parents had places to be. Her childhood was sometimes chaotic since she grew up in...