Ray Owen, Ray Owen, and Mary Streeter

Ray Owen (90) tells his son Ray H. Owen and his daughter Mary Streeter (64) about his time in the service and meeting their mother, Isabelle Mahoney.

Love and Loss: (Episode II: The Life and Times of Thomas Henry Sheffler)

This is a conversation about an enduring love, an unspeakable loss and a grandfather's legacy. My husband and I sat with his father Tom, as he remembers the love of his life, Bunny Sheffler. Today marks the second year anniversary...

Shay and Billy Stephens

Billy Stephens (17) talks with his mother, Shay (50), about his life away from home, her life when she was in highschool and college, as well as what it was like as he grew up.: 2022-09-29 19:53:20

Dad’s childhood

In My dads childhood he was very happy and loving football! Now he is trying to be the best father.

Down Mr.Parker’s Lane

Mr.Parker he’s a teacher assistant and we talked about what he likes or went through or moments he remembered

Roxana Morton and Karen Ugalde

One Small Step conversation partners Roxana Morton (24) and Karen Ugalde (22) discuss major influences in their life, family, and grad school.

Interviewing my best friend Chase

Interviewing my best friend about her life experiences and how they’ve influenced her.

Interview with Grandma (Frankie and Dottie)

I talk with my grandma about her life, childhood, marriage, and her most important life lessons.

The life on duty?

Kelsey grew up with her brother, mother and father. Her mom later on in her years became a post lady and her father was part of security. Kelsey has always had to work hard in her life to get where...

Joshua Cisneros and Derek Jacobsen
April 30, 2023 App Interview

Joshua Cisneros (19) talks with his roommate, Derek Jacobsen (19) about his transition from small town of Gran Rapids, MA to San Diego, CA to attend PLNU

Mary Foley Interview

This is my interview with my long time girlfriend, fellow Marine, Mary Foley. The interview took place in her hometown of Braintree, MA. I asked her various questions regarding her childhood, family, and service.

“¿Como era tu niñez creciendo en Mexico?” (How was your childhood, growing up in Mexico?)
November 25, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, done in San Diego, California, Jade (16) interviews her mom, Ulvia (43), about her childhood, growing up in Mexico. Ms. Ulvia recalls her childhood and the hardships that she faced. She talks about her life as a...

History Project

We talked about my grandmothers childhood and how America evolved throughout her life. She explained to me many of her experiences that were bad and good but all resulted in the amazing life she loves today.

Interview with My Mom

My Mom describes her life in the Philippines as well as her experiences when she first arrived in America.

Interview with Chris Lavertu

This interview with my stepdad brought up many thoughts about his childhood and his transition through life as a parent. He often times referred to his father, my grandfather, as a important role model in his life and one of...

Nina Bisceglia, Al Lejarde, and Michael Lejarde

An interview with Nina Bisceglia recorded on December 24, 2017 for her beloved daughter Kristin Lynn Rush a.k.a. Mrs. Lejarde. A retelling of a tradition every year how Kristin was born on Christmas Day and a little bit of how...

Jillian Attaway and Nancy Alcaraz

Jillian Attaway (32) interviews her maternal grandmother Nancy Alcaraz (84) about her favorite holiday traditions and memories.