Alisha's Interview with her Nani, Shobha Johri on 4/25/2020

I talked to my Nani and she told me about her struggles as a child with losing her father, brother and mother. She went with her siblings at the age of 18 to live with her uncle. Shortly after, she...

Experiences and Life Lessons

Lauren and Rich talk about the moments that stand out in his life and what he learned from them.

Race, ethnicity, and politics: why they matter

An interview with my roommate, Amanda, where we discuss various topics related to race and politics, and why they matter

Karma Bites But Granny Bites Harder

I decided to interview my grandma who tells me the story of how she found out my grandpa was cheating on her and how she overcame it

Psy230 Intergenerational Interview

Their lives and what has shaped them. Their love for each other, their family, and most of all the Lord

The Great Listen

Growing up a person of color. The struggles, and advantages.

Up and Downs of Raising Four Children

Nancy Herzog describes her life as a mother, raising four children all with different biological fathers. She talks about the hardships of raising a child with a disability.

Storytelling For Impact

Katie and Jules, both educators, talk about school and life.

Queer San Francisco: Intergenerational Conversation

Discussed Ron’s experiences while living in San Francisco and his artistic efforts throughout the AIDS crisis and the idea of restorative justice.

An interview with my twin sister

An interview with my twin sister about her times in highschool and adventures she’s been on

Immigration 1986

Ahsan came to America permanently in 1985. He used the immigration act of 1986 to his advantage to get nationalized .

Adrian’s childhood memories

Earliest memory, growing up in San Francisco in the 1960’s, proudest aspects of my life and how I’d like to be remembered.

John Belzer’s Career in Orthopaedic Surgery

John Belzer’s exciting career, from being the doctor for the Golden State Warriors to accepting the role of the Chairman of the Department at his hospital’s private orthopaedic practice.

Story Corp Project Interview Ryan Bishop

This interview, conducted in Lafayette, Colorado on the 20th of May 2019, Ryan Bishop interviews his dad Justin Bishop about his experiences in life. The interview discusses such things as Justin's experience as a guitarist trying to make it big,...