Emmy Tzuang Immigration

I interviewed my Grandma about her experience of immigration. She migrated from China to Taiwan when she was four. When she graduated from college at age 24 she migrated again to Canada and stayed there for 2 years. She then...

Interview with My Mom: Childhood, Career, and Immigration

In this interview, Gwyneth Lin (15) interviews her mom Wen Yin Yu (47), who answers the questions in Mandarin. They start with questions about immigrating from Taiwan to the U.S., continue by talking about life in Taiwan, and end with...

The Taiwanese Perspective of America

When interviewing my grandparents (Ama, 80, and Agong 85), I asked them about their childhood, jobs, and experience moving to America from Taiwan. We discussed the contrasts between their lives, and the contrasts of an American life versus a Taiwanese...

Interview with parents
February 17, 2021 App Interview

Five questions about what has been happened in your childhood.

A chat with Yeye

I interviewed him in Hawaii because we went on a family vacation. We talked about what we’re some of his earliest memories and we also talked about how he wanted to be remembered after he passed. And lastly we talked...

War Stories

My grandfather, Thomas Ciesla, talked about his time serving in the US military during the Vietnam War. He was a lieutenant in a US naval reserve medical core on active duty 1961-1964. He spoke about serving in Vietnam, telling his...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

An interview with my mom about her childhood and hometown.

An Interview with My Mother: Experiences from Taiwan to the United States

My mom and I talk about her experiences immigrating from Taiwan to the United States, her views on education, food, culture, and family, and what she misses most about her home country.

Testimony Project 2019
September 17, 2019 App Interview

My name is Evelyn, and I interview my mom Lingling about her childhood in Ping Dong, Taiwan.

my moms childhood
September 14, 2020 App Interview

I questioned my mom around 8:30 at night on September 13, 2020. I asked her about how her childhood was like and questions about her before she had me. She told me some things that shocked me and some that...

Kathleen Chen’s Testimony
September 17, 2019 App Interview

This testimony is about my grandmother’s experience in her native country, Taiwan, and the reasons behind why she decided to move to America later in her life.

John Chuang

Alice and Ben learn a bit about John's life growing up in Taiwan in the 1940s.

Aunt Ellen Citizenship + Immigration

My aunt came to the United States because she married her husband Brian. She told me about the difference in lifestyle in Taiwan vs. United States.

A special Thanksgiving conversation

During Thanksgiving dinner this year, I interviewed an elderly from my church. We talked about her current life, immigration experiences and happy memories.

An Interview on an Airforce vet Stationed in Taiwan

Hey! My name is Tanner Duvall, and I'm a dual enrollment highschool student. I'm 17 years old. This is a short 30 minute interview I did with my grandpa, Gary Kelly. We go over some topics relating to basic training,...

Nora and David interview
May 14, 2022 App Interview

My grandpa’s life was very hard in Taiwan and moving to America. It was also hard making money, and he did not have a lot.

Gender Inequality in Education in Taiwan featuring Dr. I-Chun Tsai

This interview was conducted by Olivia Evans, a high school history education major at the University of Akron in regard to gender inequality in Taiwan, featuring a professor from the University of Akron, Dr. I-Chun Tsai, who was born and...