Carl Hong
December 3, 2017 App Interview

He talked about his life and his childhood experiences.

The Farmer

My father tells a story about getting into trouble with a farmer as a kid in the time before the suburbs took over.

Interview with my Grandfather Thomas Whiting

Me and my grandfather talked about his life growing up and how his life was and had been

Stagnant Living
November 11, 2021 App Interview

We take a look into what it’s really like to have lived in the same place for your whole life.

Interview with Grandparents

In the interview we talked about what my grandparents life was like when they were my age.

Creative Writing Assignment

Interview with one of my closest friends from high school including questions about life in general.

New York to Old York: Interview with a ‘69er

This is an interview by 20 year old Darlene Johnson with her 51 year old dad, Kevin Taylor, about what life was like back then from a media and technological standpoint.

Razan Abdelaziz and her life so far…

Razan Abdelaziz spends today, November 25, 2018, in Alexandria, Virginia, talking to me about the past, and memories she holds dearest to her heart. Although many of the memories she spoke about were familiar to me, I did learn many...

Thanksgiving Listen Official

Talked with my mom about her memories, jobs, and challenges faced during her life all while she was baking.


We discussed her past expierences and present opinions.

Christmas Day Blessing 2019

Our Christmas dinner tradition continues with a blessing by Joe Tate.

Integrating the Norfolk Police Department

My father, Rudolph Burwell Sr, was one of early group of black police officers that joined the Norfolk Police Department in 1968. This is his story of his experience.

Bill Farrell and Juhi Desai

[Recorded: January 5, 2022] Bill Farrell (70) and Juhi Desai (28) sit down to record a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Juhi is a current UVA Law student working towards a career as a public defender. Bill underwent...

Delegate Sally Hudson and Congressman Denver Riggleman

[Recorded: December 1, 2022] Virginia's 57th District Delegate Sally Hudson (D) and former Congressman Denver Riggleman (R) sit down for a One Small Step conversation at an event hosted by the UVA Karsh Institute of Democracy in Charlottesville, Virginia. Listen...

Piano Recital 1945

My parents were in the same piano recital but did not know until much later!


The interview was about corona virus. And how my coworker felt about it.

Blaine Lay and Kate Gareau

One Small Step partners Blaine Lay (38) and Kate Gareau (42) talk about personal beliefs they share and how those beliefs fit into the roles they have in their families, friend groups, and larger community.

Interview 1

I interview Ben May, my partner in crime.

Donnie McKinney and Matt Deegan

[Recorded: September 24, 2022] Donnie (19) and Matt (38) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Donnie is an undergraduate student at the University of Virginia who is passionate about topics of equity and education. Originally from Chester,...