This interview really shows where my grandfather came from and what his childhood was like. It also reflects what he knows all of his skills and talents in life

Interview with my Mother

Interviewing one of the most strongest women in the world

Chloe Harper (17) and her father, Chuck Harper (61), discuss his life experiences (Part 2)

In the second half of the interview, Chloe and Chuck talk about Chuck's travels in the Air Force and how his views of the world have changed over time.

“I Failed My First Test”

College is supposedly the best time of your life. College is all about experiences and making lifelong friendships. In November of 2018, Charlie Satenberg interviewed his dad, Brad Satenberg, on his college experiences at the University of Texas at Austin...

oral storytelling

This parent has learned from her job experiences. She loves the career path that she has taken.

StoryCorps Project Final

I’ve interviewed my mom who is teacher and I asked her questions of how COVID19 is effecting my mom.

Mother’s Day interview

This is a interview of my mom and was a interview for Mother’s Day. I asked her questions regarding her life and had a great time.

A part of me

My eighth grade teacher made a huge impact on my life.

Story of a First Generation Immigrant

We discussed my mother’s childhood and experience immigrating to the US.

Job Interview

Interview for this job.What he has done in life.

A Twist on a Proposal

In November of 2018, 14 year old Isabella Orlando interviewed her mom, Mandana Orlando in Sherman Oaks, California. The stories all take place in Santa Monica in the 1990’s. Isabella asks about everything, from how she met and fell in...

Interview with Dad
November 27, 2017 App Interview

We talked about his life, work, and how being a parent has changed him.

My Mom’s Story #MBHSstories

An interview with my mother about her life growing up in Morocco and her life experiences. (Also sorry for the constant buzzing but she didnt want to redo the interview.)


We talked about her life (relationship with my father, my childhood, her parents and siblings, etc.)

Interview with Dave Rose

Today I interviewed my grandfather Dave Rose, and I learned so much about him. I learned the incidents that he endured, his life as a child, what his parents and grandparents were like, and what he did growing up.

Zoeys interview

Zoeys past year has been tough and we are going over how she has felt