Chatting at auntie’s

Great grandma Elsie's (wheelchair grandma) family, childhood, relationshipwith Pompa

The life of Tihanna Mccleese

This interview was a normal one got to understand more about Tihanna.

Interview with Relative

This interview was with my mother. We both had a long talk with each other. She has shared very important and interesting things with me.

What can you tell me about segregation in Kentucky and California?

I interviewed my father Robert L. Patterson a little over one year before he passed away from cancer in his home in South Carolina. This segment is about his experience over a four year time with segregation in Kentucky and...

Father Son Interview

Father, son interview about his experience coming to the US and about his childhood.

Covid-19 Pandemic experience from a mother in the greater Los Angeles area

In this interview conducted on April 20, 2020 in Canoga Park, California, Leslie Caballero(17) interviews her mother Paulina Caballero about her experience during the global pandemic of the covid-19 virus. Paulina Caballero shares her experience of being quarantine and her...


We talked about her childhood and stuff that she wishes could have been different.

What is Pride? What is Resistance?

To understand pride and resistance, we must ask and see examples of it. We have my older brother, Jesus. He’s a activist and photographer. He understands what it means and gives a description of them.

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

Explained how she lived and what aspects affected her life and where she got today.

Nonie and Hayden

I talked with my grandmother for my interview. In this interview, I asked her to tell me some stories of my mom and her three brothers growing up in Los Angeles, CA. My grandmother then told me many stories of...

My Mema

We talked about her whole life story, from before there were televisions, to a nasty divorce, finishing with her accomplishments.

Growing Up

A short conversation about the struggles of high school, growing up, and knowing who you are as a person.

Interviewing Dad

I interviewed my closest friend, my father. Although he didn’t want to share too much, I know more about him than I did yesterday.

My Mom’s Immigration Story

This interview was about the immigration story of my mother and the hardships she had to go through

Immigration Experience

An interview with professor, Dr. Arreguín Bermúdez about his immigration experience, being undocumented in the United States and eventually opening up his own business.

Winter final

We talked about my father's childhood and his rolemodles and people that impacted his life.


I asked my grandma about her childhood and she told me about her life as a military brat. She added many colorful and cute stories.

Remembering Fern
November 28, 2017 App Interview

Nadja Karpilow talks about the loss of her older sister years ago soon after Thanksgiving. Remembering her sister, and the remarkable coincidence that occurred with the birth of her daughter years later.

I’m interviewing my grandpa and he talks about events in his past and present

In this interview, conducted in Chicago, Illinois, Mary Nazzaro (14) interviews her grandpa, Michael Layton about his childhood in my home away from home, California. My grandpa shares stories involving his children and about his past work experiences.