Me and my mom

About what we would have happen and what parts were happy and sad.

Global Studies Interview

I talked to my mother about her life and who has influenced her.

2020 Uneasy Election

Mason Sanchez asks some questions to his dad about the election.

Interview With My Dad

We talked about my dad's childhood and how he wanted to be remembered.


We talked about life . That also that life is valuable and we can’t waste it.

Life and Swim Experience of Elli

Xiyan Zhang(17) talks with her friend, Elli Denman(16), about her life and swim experiences.

Grandparents Day

We talk about GiGi favorite things to do her favorite color and her favorite food .

Interview with Auntie Sheila

We talked about family gatherings in the Philippines and America

Recuerdos de niña

In this interview we talked about my mom's childhood memories things she would have changed in her life if she had the chance to and advice she would give to future parents and to her kids.

What happened to my baby brother?

My mom and I talk about the miscarriage she had after having me.

Interview with Mom

I asked my mom the difficulties of becoming a parent and some advice

My Moms Christmas traditions

Today I asked my mom some questions about her Xmas traditions

“Every event in life is what creates YOU”

The intriguing events in Christopher Kepner’s life that has affected who he is today. Such as his parents divorce and his mother being verbally abusive.

Mother And I

A short and nice interview with my mother talking about early life and understanding how she grew up.

thanksgiving listen

This is a test Interview for Ava Youngs thanksgiving listen 2018.

Mass communications interview!

Music: past to present through the eyes of my mom.

About the obstacles

This will be talking about everything me and my mom are talking about