Cold War Army-Brat, Captain John Norris, and his "Forrest Gump life."

An interview with my dad, John Norris, speaking to my 11th grade High School History students at San Dieguito High School Academy in Encinitas, California in May 2018. My students had prepared questions after studying about the Cold War era...

Asking My grandma and grandpa some questions by Cole turner

In this interview i ask questions about my grandparents childhood. They share stories about how they met, and there good friends.

My Family Immigration Story

This is the story of what it was like for my dad to immigrate to the the United States.

Interview with Grandpop West

I interviewed my grandfather at his nursing home. He does not usually like to talk about himself, so I appreciated his participation.

54 Years of Crazy

Being in love can be difficult, hower if two people love each other so much they make it seem almost as if it’s easy. Just ask Anabelle and Richard Sher. Throughout their journey of being in love, Annabelle and Richard...

Don’t go for this girl
November 23, 2017 App Interview

I’m talking about this because my ex did some mean things towards the breakup and after.

Elena interviews her grandfather Frank.

This interview was taken on November 19, 2018 in Severna Park, Maryland. This interview includes Elena Tator (13) and her grandfather Frank Formica (77). He talks about where he grew up which was New Jersey. He was in school plays...

Interview With Anna Crum and Francis Newnam

This interview is about childhood in the 1930s, childhood memories and life with family of ten during the Great Depression.

Kevin Spradlin’s Experience

Kevin Spradlin explains his life in the military. Though his serving time was shorter than most, it was eventful, memorable, and deserves a huge thanks.

Family Is All You Need

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Chestertown Maryland, I, (16) interviews my Grandmother Elaine Bolton (70) about her childhood and life as a mother. My Grandmother shares stories about her life growing up and what she did over...

Noah and Joshua
November 26, 2017 App Interview

This was about a summer road trip in 1994 and all of the problems that came with it.

Delayni and his Grandma Nan talk about life growing up and raising a child.

Delayni interviewing his grandma nan. They are in Adelphi, Maryland. The date is November 23, 2018. They talk about his grandma’s life growing up and his mom as a child.

Sitting down with my dad

We talked about his childhood and what it took to be a man. We talked about how he grew up and how times were difficult. We talked about his expectations of me as a man.

Interview with my dad

An interview with my dad about his childhood and education. We also talked about some of his classic stories of school mischief.

School Interview

It was very fun. And she was very chill and down to earth. I love her sooooo much and she answered all my questions and we had a good conversation. There was some background information.

70th wedding anniversary of Florence and Oliver Keely

The setting for the interview was a family gathering to honor the 70th wedding anniversary of Florence and Oliver Keely. The gathering was held on September 17, 2016 in Solomons, Maryland. Florence's and Oliver's son, David Keely, asked Florence and...

Interview with grandmother
November 26, 2022 App Interview

Barbara Whitehead talks about her life. She talks about growing up, her family life, and her experiences. She talks about her 75 years of living and how she got everything she wanted for herself and other people.

Growing up in South Africa

Grandson interviews Grandmother about what is was for her growing up as a white South African. South Africa Bloemfontein (Flower Fountain)

Louisa And Derick Pleasanton

Interview with my 90 year old grandmother Louisa Zeh Pleasanton.