Interviewing My StepDad

This interview is private.

Vietnam Protester

Things that affected Mrs. Bauman to side against the war.

Growing up in New York
September 9, 2019 App Interview

Two long time friends reminisce about growing up together in Manhattan.


The child hood of my Mimi and the past and future for what’s to come for my grand child.

Coming to America!

This interview is about my father moving from the United Kingdom to America and how it changed his life.

Questions for my aunt :)

Me and my aunt talked about many different things. We talked about how it was when she came to the U.S., how she felt and some of her memories from her childhood.

interviewing kerry cole

this was about my mom life and everything about her and it was also about me and the traits i got from her and how i am like her.

Talking to my mom

Talking to my mom about her childhood, engagement, the people she has lost in her life. And also difficult times.

Faith and Dave Butcher

Faith finds out how Dave really feels about his childhood, his work and their life together.


Esto fue una intrevista sobre el attaque del 9/11

My Grandpas amazing life

My grandpa has may amazing stories through out the video I really learned a lot about him.

Remembering September 11

I’m asking my mom a series of questions about her memories and opinions of 9/11

Kaia interviews her grandmother, Alice, about her life experiences

In this interview, recorded on November 27th, 2015, Kaia Neal (13) interviews her grandmother, Alice Kurtz (69) about her childhood growing up in New York. She talks about growing up during the Cold War and the Cuban Missle Crisis. Plus...

Venir en Amérique

In this interview I asked my dad about his background, where he came from and personal beliefs.

Matthew and his grandmother talk about his grandmother’s life.

In this interview conducted in June 2018 in Oceanside BY, Matthew Friedman (14) interviews his grandmother, Debbie Chaplin. They discuss his grandmother's life. Specifically, her childhood and his mother's childhood are discussed.