Mathew and his mom

Me and my mom go over her childhood and how it was when she was a child

“That’s all I’ve known my whole life, I’ve only performed”

When she stepped into that recording booth, she had no idea what Rick and Morty would become. Kira Klonel interviews Melique Berger in Los Angeles, California, on November 23rd, 2017. Berger provides context of her childhood and what led her...

The interview

We talked about many things like who were her influences and what did she like to do. We also talked about what sports she liked and things that gave her happiness

Samantha van Putten, Tim Sheffield and Shawn Sheffield Discuss Preparing for the Climate Emergency

Samantha van Putten (19) discusses the coming climate emergency with Shawn Sheffield (47) and Tim Sheffield (47). Tim and Shawn live 15 minutes north of Los Angeles and talk about dealing with wildfires, water shortages, and why community and individual...

Liliana nicolas & her grandma Anna

I interviewed my grandma who olny speaks Spanish so you hear other people in the back

Hecho in America

A Mexican Americans POV on today’s culture, love, and how are families have shaped our lives

A Lebanese Childhood

I, Jack Marounian interviewed my dad, Arthur Marounian. I interviewed my dad a my house in Los Angeles, California. I am 15 years old and my dad is 47 years old. A 1770’s childhood in Lebanon was was way different...

3 Generations of ADHD

In this quick interview, I talk to my mom about what it was like growing up through 3 generations of ADHD.

Lilly and Melissa discuss Synanon and equality
December 18, 2018 App Interview

Lilly asks her mother, Melissa, about her experience growing up in Synanon, a cult with a diverse community of people. Melissa explains how that affected her view of race and equality while growing up in the 1970's.

Life in the US, LA vs NYC, and Tech

We talk about his immigration experience, college in the US, and the future of technology

Kirin’s Interview

Kirin, a 7 year-old interviews his Mom, in spur-of-the-moment fashion.

My grandmother

My grandmother moved around a lot when my mom was little and we just went over childhood memories and stories.


We talked about her childhood and stuff that she wishes could have been different.

Thanksgiving Listen with Nixon

Great Thanksgiving Listen with my cousin Nixon. Interviewed him at our little family reunion for thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Interview w/ Parent

I asked my mom if she would like to do an interview with me about her as a person and a couple of memories she’s experienced when growing up.


I interviewed my friend brandon for my journalism class

Interview with my mother about her childhood and the future

In the interview, my mother talks about growing up with five other people in her family and her life when she was younger. She also talks about my hopes and dreams for me.