Holiday season

I talk with my dad about thanksgiving and current practices in popular culture relating to the holiday season

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Project

I interviewed my mom and she talked about how her parents grew up during the Great Depression and 9/11. There are two parts because we didn’t have enough time to finish it the first time.

Oma’s interview

I interviewed my oma today and was very blessed and thankful to learn about her past and hopes for the future. Oma is thankful for her present family and her past family. She feels her grandparents and parents made her...

Oscar Moretti and Angela Moretti

Angela Moretti (57) interviews her husband, Oscar Moretti (62), about his childhood growing up in both Italy and Venezuela, why he immigrated to the United States, and together they reflect on their 35 years of marriage.

Tailene Morales and Grandmother Mella talk about her childhood in Panama.

In this interview taken on November 30th, 2018 in Wylie, Texas, Tailene Morales (15) speaks with her maternal grandmother, Aromelia Vargas (64) about her adolescence in Panama. Mrs. Vargas shares about her high school experience. She also speaks about the...

The aftermath

I talk with my great grandpa about life after the Great Depression

For the Kids, For the Family

My dad had an eventful childhood as a kid but we didn’t really go into that. He is a hardworking man that moved to America from Pakistan even though he had his family there and a set, comfortable life for...


Today, I ask my mother about her memories of her childhood, and of her children. (Including me)

Michael Susi. My time in Vietnam.

The interview was great! I learned a lot about the different ranks in the military and why Michael wanted to serve just like his family did. I also learned what a typical day was like at their base and what...

Interview for Mom
January 15, 2021 App Interview

This is a interview with my mom.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Haniya Parakkavetty

In this interview, conducted on December 8th, 2019 in Dallas, Texas, Haniya Parakkavetty (16) interviews her mother, Shabana Hameed (40) about her childhood abroad and her experiences while moving to the United States. Mrs.Hameed shares her stories about her childhood...

The happy thanksgiving

We talked about her life,and how she made her way through life.

storytelling assignment

this is a interview with my younger sister asking her questions about her life and her achievements.

Storybook Project

Talking about stories, hopes, accomplishments, and life growing up.

Andrew Brocklebank-Moving

Conversation with father about a recent big move.

Story telling interview

I interviewed my mother about certain things that happened in her life