“The goat was not eating!” — A lighthearted interview with my mother about her childhood and family in India.

When she was still in her early years of school, my mom got in trouble when her older brother got scratched in the stomach by a goat’s horns after she tried to get the goat to eat. In this interview,...

Great thanksgiving listen

in this interview i asked my mom a few questions about her childhood and more memories like that

Chuck Cooper talks about stories from his childhood and advice he would give his younger self.

In this interview, conducted on December 1, 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky, Katie Cooper (17) interviews her dad Chuck Cooper (46) about his childhood and some of his favorite things. Chuck shared stories from when he was young and advice he...

Grandma Alice Interview

Talks about childhood. Shares good memories

A Sunday with Sal

During my interview with pap, we talked about his childhood growing up on the farm. We also touched on his life in the military, how he met his wife, his career, and raising his kids.

Talk with Dad

Mostly we talked about my fathers childhood and who some important people were for him in those years.

Interview with grandma

I asked some general questions about what her life was about and about some of her memories.

Interview with my dad

Recorded December 3, 2019, my dad (Mark) and I (Ethan) discuss what it was like growing up in the 70s and 80s. We go into depth of different experiences and some advice for me and my future.

Ethan childhood story

A funny story from Ethan’s childhood.

Best Friend Troubles

On December 1st 2019, Yongjun Yang interviewed Zoe Schwartz, his cousin. She tells about troubles with her friends and family. She also talks about her experiences and how she dealt with her problems.

Hyosun Choi Interview
December 3, 2019 App Interview

My mother talked about her past life and what she enjoyed. She also talks about her heritage and family.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen.

We talked about her childhood memories and life experiences.

Nonna interview 2

This interview is about my grandmother or my Nonna’s life.

My Father's Interesting Past

I am Alex Wong and on December 1st, 2019, at home, my father and I talked about a few moments in my father’s life that were significant to him. He told me about how he met my mother. He told...

Interview w/ My Brother

My brother and I talked about the last, present, and future.

My Grandma’s Experience Growing Up and Her Life Story

We talked about my Grandma’s experience growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana. We also talked about what raising my dad was like and what having to move often (due to a military husband). Another thing we talked about some family...

Country to Country

In this interview conducted by Eugene Kim (14) on December 1st 2019, Eugene interviews his mother, Hoyeon Kim. They discuss about her childhood in Korea and the important people in her life. They talk about culture and traditions and her...

Getting to know my dad

I interview my dad about his childhood and about what it was like for him during my childhood.

Asa Jassen talks to his grandma Vicki Johnson about her childhood and growing up

I asked Grandma Vicki questions about my mother, her childhood, and what it was like when she was going to school. She told me about what my mother was like when she was younger, and what she did when she...