Interview with my mom(Nancy Ruiz)

Talking about her family,past life,future,present,and kids

Interview with Amanda Larochelle

interview with amanda larochelle on her life

Grandpa Ed on life and death

Edward Hustoles reminisces on life, spirituality and death.

Anastasia interviews her family friend Marina

In this interview, conducted in December 2019 in Annapolis, Maryland, Anastasia (13) interviews her family friend Marina (41) about her life as an adult and child. She also talks about family traditions she would like to pass on and how...

Interviewing my lovely mother

I asked my mom about how life has been for her. I also asked her about some things I wouldn’t usually ask about to get to know her better.


Ava just casually interviewing her stepfather, Van about his life

Me and my half sister

My and my half sister talk about life, relationship, and the future

My Father’s Story

Any important people in my father’s life had a big impact on him which later on shaped him to who he is today.

Great thanksgiving listen

I asked my grandma about her life leading up to the moment of the interview. She is nearly 90 years old, so she had plenty to say.

2019 Dec. -Jaden walker – Rami Mehdi- the great thanksgiving listen 2019

I spent 20 minutes asking my friend rami questions and getting to know him better. I learned a few things that i didn’t know before but i do now.