Interview of Nicole Parsons

Summary of her memories from childhood to now. Assignment from D block US history.

Maddison’s interview

This is a interview about Maddison Long a smart individual that is in the 12th grade. It talks about her view on her childhood and about her perception of herself.

Interview with my Dad

An interview I had with my father over Thanksgiving break as part of a journalism unit.


This is an interview between me and my mom, just a overall summary of us and our life.


We talked about how she was as a child and her favorite activity growing up. It was very interesting.

Interview 1

A interview with with my mother, with some tips on life.

Leeli’s interview

What me and my interviewee basically talked about are his life experiences. We talked about his interest and his opinions.

Grandmama and Hannah

During this interview, we talked about growing up in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. We also talked about J.F. Kennedy’s presidency and assasination.

Grandpa Klimek interview

Grandpa’s stories-fishing, him playing baseball, bowling, horseshoes

Mother’s childhood in Bodega Bay

My mom’s childhood in Bodega Bay was talked about during this interview

Story corps project Lackey

It was a simple interview involving the life and the childhood of my grandmother.

The life of Nancy pantaleoni and her experiences as a child to an adult (shortened)

Nicholas Pantaleoni (13) interviews his grandmother Nancy Pantaleoni (77) about her life as a child, and her experiences as an adult.


Tells about Korea and her life.

The interview

We talked about many things like who were her influences and what did she like to do. We also talked about what sports she liked and things that gave her happiness

Grandma Marsha

This interview is of my grandma who loved the interview process

Pappa Jones

This was a very informative interview I loved it

Mom Interview
November 27, 2017 App Interview

I asked my mom about some of the most important times in her life.


My grandmother and I talked about her childhood and her memories as a child