Paul Kapphahn and Patricia Kapphahn

Paul Kapphahn (81) has a conversation with his Wife, Pat Kapphahn (80), about where and how they each grew up and how they came to start their own private psychotherapy practice.

Tehniyat Shaikh and Edward Hall

Edward Austin Hall (57) talks with his friend and artistic colleague through StoryCorps, Tehniyat “Tehn” Shaikh (25), about how and when she knew she wanted to study animation. Topics include favorite cartoons, comic books, and Tehniyat’s family in India.

Elizabeth Stepakoff, Susan Todd-Raque, and Edward Hall

The photography of deceased artist Rusty Miller, Father of Elizabeth Miller Stepakoff (53), will soon be on exhibit at Atlanta’s Gallery 72. Friends of Elizabeth, Ed Hall (56) and Susan Todd-Raque (66), join her in a discussion of her Father’s...

Felton Eaddy and Edward Hall

Ed Hall (57) has a conversation with friend, colleague and fellow poet, Felton Eaddy (69), about Felton’s childhood in Fork, South Carolina. Additional topics include Felton’s education, his work with the Fulton County Arts Commission, and the Atlanta Poetry Kitchen,...

Deanna Sirlin and Edward Hall

Edward “Ed” Hall (56) talks with his friend and colleague, Deanna Sirlin (60), about her artistic process which is described as both macroscopic and rectilinear. Other topics included are the importance of artist residencies and math.