Dr. Ramirez, Palos Verdes Intermediate School, Principal 2017-2019

Dr. Ramirez talks about how mental health, lack of funding and a safe environment affect California Education.

Rosalia Melendez and Karen Melendez

In this interview my mom talks about moving from place to place. Also how her life changed when she moved to the United States. She also talks about her childhood in Mexico.

Progress And Paradox

Interview about the change in times. Comparing differences of growing up with different advancements.

Dad Interview

We discussed very broad information such as the paths of life he has gone down and the one I will be going down in the future.

Great Thanksgiving Listen with Dad

I sat down to interview my dad for a school project.

Sharms Bala

My mom is a very fun person and I just learnt so much about her

Interviewing my Dad

This interview is very deep down and it is not an easy topic to describe to young people.

Dad Interview

We talked about his life growing up and how it has changed.


Being in the military during a war can be difficult, Billy Harvey explains what his life was like during the Persian Gulf War

Me and my sister

A talk with me and my sister about her life

Dad growing up in England

Summary of Dads life growing up working class in the north of England where corporal punishment, singing in choir and seeing the movies were his life.

The Preeces of Orange, Mass.

Mary Preece tells the history of the family; where they came from and where they've gone.


We covered perspective of globalization and future of globalization in RAK