Donald Boesch and Eric Davidson

Eric Davidson (61) speaks with his faculty colleague and former boss, Donald "Don" Boesch (72) about how Don has worked in different ways to improve science's impact on policy. They talk about his work on a program called "We are...

Robert Marsh and Sandra Marsh

Spouses, Robert Marsh (70) and Sandra Marsh (66) have a conversation about their lives in Danville and their artistic careers.

Nicola Weiss, Evan Weiss , Megan Weiss, Cameron Weiss, Chad Weiss, Ian Weiss, and Sean Weiss

Chad Weiss (46) speaks with his wife, Nicola Wiess (46) and their children, Evan Weiss (15), Megan Weiss (15), Cameron Weiss (15), Ian Weiss (13) and Sean Weiss (16), about their work in the sciences. The children talk about they...

Dolores Henson and Kathryn Wooten

Kathryn Wooten interviews Dolores Henson, her grandmother, about growing up with a working class family in Glouster, Ohio, where most of her family and ancestry worked in the coal mines. Dolores remembers the two most important people in her life:...

Francine Barr and Lisa Barr

Francine Barr (62) is interviewed by her daughter Francine Barr (31). Francine shares stories of her life and struggles to the top of the corporate ladder when gender roles served as a prime determinant to a woman’s success.

Sharon Bauer and Wayne Welke

Wayne Welke (78) and Sharon Bauer (72) converse about their congregation at University Lutheran Church, and the connection that it had with the work of Sister Corita Kent.