Terry Seehart and John Duvall

Terry Seehart (56) and her sweetheart John Allen Duvall (62) talk about the relationship they have as well as relationships they have with other partners.

Lilly Bennett and Alexandra "Nikki" Anderson

Alexandra "Nikki" Anderson (26) interviews her grandmother Lilly Bennett (86) about surviving the camps where Polish born Germans were imprisoned after the Holocaust. Lilly talks about following her mother to the camps, the violence she experienced and witnessed while in...

Sean Singh and Elizabeth Singh

Sean Singh, 43, interviewed by his wife Lizz (Elizabeth) Singh, 38. Sean and Lizz talk about their childhoods, meeting in New York City, and their two kids, Amy and Erin.

Herb Brosbe and Ellen Brosbe

Herb Brosbe (65) tells his wife Ellen Brosbe (62) about his career in medicine as compared to the new modern medicine being practiced now.

Maria-Lee Rodriguez and Francisca Buger

Maria Rodriguez (46) and her sister, Francisca Buger (44) reminisce about their childhood together. They talk about vivid memories that they share, memories that they recall differently, and their parents. They also talk about what they appreciate in each other...

Norman Maeshima and Georgia Maeshima

Norman Maeshima (56), talks with his wife and best friend Georgia Maeshima (51), about his upcoming retirement after 31 years of service with the City of Long Beach

Ron Sheplar and Jennifer Partida

Ron Shepler (64) talks with his daughter Jennifer Jasmine Partida (40) about growing up poor in rural Michigan, why he became the man of the house at a young age, the value of education, and why he calls himself generation...

Chanrita Srey and Jesse Irwin

Chanrita Srey (23) and her boyfriend Jesse Irwin (22) discuss their relationship, their first meeting while studying abroad, and how they have influenced each other. Chanrita, who is Cambodian, and Jesse, who is American, talk about the "international" nature of...

Virginia Carlsen and Erika Carlsen

Virginia Carlsen, 51, interviewed by her daughter Erika Carlsen, 24. Viriginia talks about growing up in a working class Mexican family in Chicago and the struggles they faced there, the experience moving to all-white Utah with her family at 18,...

Elias Alba and Terri Alba

Elias Alba (20) shares with his mom Terri Alba (57) about the yearly letters she has written to him since his birth. Elias reads three letters and he and Terri describe the memories from those years as well as what...

Caroline Garrett and Emily Morrison

Caroline Garrett Morrison (95) talks with Em Morrison (29) about her work as an Army dietitian during WWII. Caroline describes how she entered the Army and about why she chose to serve. Caroline also shares about working in several hospitals...

Simone Hoa T. Nguyen, Rosette Nguyen, and Rosa Nario

Rosette Nguyen (44) and Rosa Nario (49) interview their mother, Simone Hoa T. Nguyen (75), about how she escaped Vietnam after the Fall of Saigon. Simone talks about what life was like after the Fall, posing in a false marriage...