Uncle Gary Lazzara: From the Past to the Future

After over 10 years of pancake-filled breakfasts and festive holidays with him, Felicity finally decided it was time to give back. For the first time in a long time coming, she decided to put her Uncle Gary in the spotlight....

OMA’s childhood

Growing up in the 1940-50’s and sharing experiences of friends during that time.

Grammy interview 2017

We talked about last memories and things she has done in her life.

Who is David Antone?

As if this were their last conversation, Sydney belknap interviews her grandpa, David Antone, with questions about his life that Sydney never knew.

My Nana And Her Wonderful Stories

A grandmother and role model for many of the family, Lois Fredericks talks with her grandson, Marcus Fredericks about the things she has experienced in life, and how her “board of directors”, also known as her four sons have influenced...

Donna and Aly 2017

We talked about the JFK assassination and family evens

Joy Towne Thanksgiving listen

A interview with Nanee about her parents, her children, Poppa, funny times and a lot of nostalgia.

Home For the Holidays

Came home for Thanksgiving 2017. Staying the night with my grandparents on father side. Within 2 hours of visiting, I sprung this interview on them. By the end, everyone was crying and holding hands. I believe when their gone, that...