Aidan Guchek interviewing his Mom

Me and my mom talked about what it was like when she was a kid. And also what her relationship with her parents were.

Work ethic serves family well.
November 30, 2017 App Interview

My grandfather shared his childhood on the farm, and the impact it had on his life. He also mentioned his career as a teacher and his military service.

The Simple Things

Michelle Dong (15) and her mother, Lily Yang, (50) discuss happiness in life due to family and simple things in New Hyde Park, New York. Ms. Yang talks about how her children brought a lot of happiness into her life,...

The Man, the Myth. Louis Magnanti (interviewed by Molly Cronin)

On his 85th birthday, I interviewed my grandfather about growing up and the people in his life. He’s not ever one to hold his tongue (haha) but I wanted to capture his memories for StoryCorps, since we’re usually cracking jokes...

Erielle Guilleguitan and Abigail Countryman shared their thoughts and memories to each other.

In this interview, that was conducted in November 2017 in Oppenheim, New York. Erielle Guilleguitan (17) interviewed her friend Abigail Countryman (16) about herself. Ms. Countryman shared her stories about childhood, school, and family. She’s involved in school clubs such...

The Impact of Technology

In this interview, I talk with my mother about the tech revolution. We discuss the impacts of technology and how it has changed as time has progressed.

Joshua Klein interviews his father, Travis Klein for the Great Thanksgiving Listen project.

During my interview with my dad, Travis Klein, conducted on December, 10, 2017, he talked about his life growing up and how his life progressed until now. He grew up near Jamestown, New York. He talked about his military experience...

Eleanor Sapienza being interviewed by her granddaughter, Emily Rudolph got the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017.

I (Emily Rudolph,16) interviewed my grandma Eleanor Sapienza (74) on November 25, 2017 in EHT, NJ. I learned a lot that I did now know about her. She shared her first memory and most recent memory. In addition, she told...

Remembered as a good man.
November 25, 2017 App Interview

Me and my father talked mostly about how his life has been impacted by his wife and his children. We also talked about how he grew up and how his young years impacted his later life. We lastly talked about...

Ms Miller

Ms. Miller, Eighth grade history teacher

Barbara Teeter and Julie Teeter have a heart to heart conversation about many aspects of life!

In this interview, conducted November 2017 in Corning, New York Barbara Teeter, my grandmother and myself sat down and had a conversation! This interview included many aspects of life. It included her experience in the flood of 1992 along with...

First Interview with Dad

Childhood in Dunkirk, NY. Formative experiences and mentors.

Gery Sperling, interview

Gery was born in 1933 and grew up in Brooklyn, NY. He describes getting hit with a brick and the freedom gained when the family bought the family’s first car in 1946.

Interviewing my mother.

Dominique interviewing her mother. We talked about my mothers life as a mother. What she did when she was younger, and how she has changed over the years. She also talks about being a parent.

First Day of School

Manuel’s first day of school and how it differed from the others

Sisco and Brenda

Sisco and Brenda tell a story about how they meet in the most highly unlikely place, Toy R US.