Abuela Merle family interview

Brief summary of her experiences and what shaped her identity

Moms are the Best

Two of my mom explain how parenting goes in the family.

Julio and Carson

I Carson asked Julio some questions about life

Carson and Julio

I Julio Interviewed Carson Mosley about some life lessons he learned and stuff like that

Getting to know mom close-up

Just a few questions for getting to know my mom better. Some helped our bond.

Mother and son

What was most talked about in the interview was my moms background. How she lived and became who she is today,

Coming to America

Niki Papadelis moved from Leros, Greece to Michigan, in the United States, she moved because she had just gotten married, and was having children. Sense she moved to to the United States, she has learned how to Speak English and...

Immigration Interview

Immigration of Mary from Puerto Rico to USA.

Brandon Bruce interviewing Great Granddad Bill Bruce

I learned a lot about my granddad and I hope future generation can see this

Females Or Males

First day being exclusive….”not official according to Melissa

Ria Grewel Interview

My friend, Ria Grewel, talks to me about her experiences of moving to the U.S. from London, England and how she and her family had to adapt to American culture and how different the U.S. is from the U.K.

Parent Interview

This interview is about my mom’s first generation born American.