Sorensen’s Interview of Riley

I ask Riley about what two people who are important to her, what she would say to her older self as a teenager, and what she is most grateful for.

Sergio interview

He explained me how was his life in Bolivia. Some other personal issues that defines the person that he is now.

Maggie & Jo Dee: Friends for 40 years

Jo Dee and Maggie, best friends for 40 years, talk about their relationship and why it insures.

Childhood friend

I met up with a childhood friend and I wanted to ask him a few questions about what life was like for him growing up.

The Man, the Myth. Louis Magnanti (interviewed by Molly Cronin)

On his 85th birthday, I interviewed my grandfather about growing up and the people in his life. He’s not ever one to hold his tongue (haha) but I wanted to capture his memories for StoryCorps, since we’re usually cracking jokes...

Interview 2

This was easy fast interview she was easily distracted but She said some good answers

Erielle Guilleguitan and Abigail Countryman shared their thoughts and memories to each other.

In this interview, that was conducted in November 2017 in Oppenheim, New York. Erielle Guilleguitan (17) interviewed her friend Abigail Countryman (16) about herself. Ms. Countryman shared her stories about childhood, school, and family. She’s involved in school clubs such...

Anna 9 34

Anna and her friends Quincy, Anisha and Lucia

some random person i interviewed

this random person broke into my house and made me interview them

COMM 245

I interview my best friend, Danielle on various topics about her life.

Besfriend interview !

This interview was about life in general. It was a lot of random questions

My Mom’s Best Friend on Their “Unlikely” Friendship

My mom’s best friend tells me the story behind why she calls their friendship “unlikely,” starting from her childhood in Chicago during the late 1960s.

My Best Friend for Life

We talked about things that he has experienced throughout life and some great memories of why our friendship has prospered through the years.

My partner in crime, Savannah

My best friend Savannah means the world to me, and I couldn’t imagine a life without her. She is my soul mate, and we’ve grown so much together in the short amount of time we’ve known each other.

Interview with Kamaron Burson

i will be asking Kamaron a couple of questions about his life.

Paige Pierson and Logan Lee

Interviewing Logan Lee about her childhood and outlook on life.