Interview parents on college

Asked my mom/aunt on the road to college. And what she expects from us.

Sandy Hook Interview

I sat down with my father, who has experienced two major, and life changing events during his 43 years of life. He gave me, and everyone listening a view of what a father thinks about during a tragic event such...

Penny sits and talk about her life from a kid teen and now an adult.

In this interview Penny steps outside of her comfort zone and sits and has a meaningful interview with her niece. As she talks she mentions being the oldest child out of 4. Her challenge completing a master degree while being...

Starting a New Life

This is how my grandma and my uncle’s began a new life in a new country.

About You

we was talking about his childhood and thing and who was the most important person to him.


Backstory of ourselves

My self and I

I dont hace a People yo intervuew sí o interwieved myself