The great thanksgiving listen

This interview is about the story of my father life and how it was impacted by others.

Thanksgiving Interview

In this interview I talk with my mother and ask her some questions about her and our family moments

Mom’s childhood in the 70s-80s

Today, in 2017, childhoods are completely different from childhoods back than. Growing up in the 21st century we have so many different technology items and inventions that made our life easier. Compared to my mom’s childhood where nobody could just...

Father Figure

My father and I discussed his life through different times in his life.

La Mexicana

In this sit down with my mother we talked about her early life in Mexico, her time in the United States, and how important love is to the world. Being a good person and sharing your purpose with the world...

Don Anderson (my dad!) interviewed by Annie Anderson (me!) on November 30, 2015 in Philadelphia, PA

Don Anderson discusses his childhood growing up in Chicago, what he is grateful for, and what kind of legacy he will leave to his children and grandchildren.