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One Small Step: Geraldine

“An experience that shaped my politics would be growing up in Britain with parents with socialist ideas.”

One Small Step: Mary Ann

“My parents were one Republican, one Democrat. They argued at the dinner table all the time.”

One Small Step: Thomas

“I came from an all white area, and going there [UMBC] just opened my mind to other diversity which I had never encountered, which was very challenging but also very enlightening.”

One Small Step: Sally Ann and Eileen

“What shaped my politics was the Black Panther Trial that went on here in New Haven in 1969,”

One Small Step: Liu

“Basically, what I got out of that experience was that racial harmony is a really important thing that can affect anyone.”

One Small Step: Christy

“How do I encourage conversation across the divide, having been on both sides of it?”

One Small Step: Sam

“I think actually being named Samuel Adams was probably an experience that shaped my politics,”