December 28, 2018
David Tankersley, Linn Sitler, and Linnie

“A South Carolina Christmas” recounts the memories of my Mother, Edna Beck Sitler, as she recalls the rituals of celebrating Christmas in her small South Carolina community, Stiefeltown, still in the depths of The Great Depression. Professionally recorded before her...

December 26, 2018
Christmas Interview with my Mom-Mom

I sat down on Christmas day and interviewed my 85-year-old grandmother on my father’s side and learned about her family growing up, her childhood, how she met Pop-Pop (who passed away when I was 2), and also learned about my...

A Christmas Corps

Cousins Mary and Hayden Evans interview their grandmother Patsy while at their family Christmas party. Patsy offers charming tales and pragmatic life advice in her signature style.

Helen Roberts tell the story of the candelabra at Christmas

Helen had surgery and refused to leave the hospital before Christmas. Here the story of the Christmas candelabra received in 1964.

Manners Maketh Man: Diana Vilnis Drew

We visited Grandma for Christmas in 2018 and talked about her growing up in Argentina. She told us about her Christmas traditions and the Dia de Los Reyes. She also talks about her frog collection.


We talked about the life of my father and his journey from childhood into adulthood. We discussed his ups and downs throughout his life, and touched on the people that helped shape him.

Tradiciones de Navidad

Yo y mi Mamá hablamos sobre tradiciones en nuestra familia cuando llegan las festividades