The Thanksgiving Listen Project

This interview is with my family. It gets very emotional towards the end. My cat is also a purring mess.

Mother and Son Interview

I asked my mother questions about her young teenage life and allow her to rejog her memories of her young life and her dad, who sadly passed away when she was young

Interview with Bill Daws

In the interview with Bill Daws. We had discussed about what our family was like back then and a few things about himself.

My lovely mother

I interview my mother about her childhood

Thoughtful Thanks: A conversation about adoption and its impact on our lives, relationships, and family

In the Thanksgiving spirit, I discuss the impact of adoption on my family, relationships, and life lessons with my sister, mom and dad.

Interview with Grammy

Grammy is an amazing woman that has lived and spread her wisdom and kindness across everyone she has ever met since 1929. Although it is difficult for her to recall memories from the past, she is able to remember that...

Interviews Project about Grandparents

This is a short interview about my grandparents who are my father’s parents. My grandparents were very special to my father and should be talked about. This interview is very genuine and is from the deepest part of my father’s...

Interview with my dad

An interview with my dad to get to know more things about his early teenage and adult years.