Interview of Nana

Interviewed my grandma on what America meant to her.

Traditions and A New Experience in America

My mom and I talked about where she grew up in the Philippines, the schooling she received there and family traditions that she remembered. We also talked about her experience coming to America.

A heartwarming interview with my Vovo

I interviewed my grandmother from my mother’s side. I asked her some questions about her life, why she immigrated to the United States in 1988, and what she was thankful for Thanksgiving.

My parents coming to America and there experiences

I ask my parents about how it was coming to America and some of the things they did when they came here

Kana and Vivian Interview

Kana, my best friend, told her story of moving to America and the major change it was. She discussed the differences between the two and the obstacles she had to face.

My Grandpa’s StoryBoard

This is a story about my Grandpa’s life, from his childhood in India to his life today in America!

Everything is Achievable

An interview with my mother as she describes what it was like coming to America and what the “American Dream” is to her.

An interview with my mom.

I interviewed my mom and we talked about family and old times