Talked about his life little bit . An the football program


Talked about his life. A little bit about the football program

Block intern

Talked about his childhood and life . Fort Lewis football program

Generations gap project pt.3

This interview was so much fun to do! I love knowing how it was like for my grandfather when he was in highschool and the things he went through while growing up.

Marketing interview

Pros and cons about the legalization of marijuana

K’Von & Malik Life Discussion

Great environment to talk about me and Malik’s personal life. I feel that we have grown into a friendship from this interview.

“You Can Do Better….”

My grandpa, Rich Spencer, has had a great life. In this interview, you’ll learn about his great accomplishments and upbringing. From Evanston Wyoming to Harvard Buisness School, you’ll see the steps he took to achieve success.