Iraq War Interview

In this interview, I interviewed my dad about his experience as a surgeon in the army during the Iraq War.

Hector Colón
September 26, 2018 App Interview

When – With My Father

Interview with Course-mate about Reflection

I had interview my friends also my course-mate about the reflection to ITB and Making Waves in this semester. Friends’ Name : Looi Weng Ler , Chong Hui Ling

Interview with my neighbour about GE14

This is the interview with Madam Goh, my Sungai Long hostel neighbour about her experience in GE14.

MUS 2273-001 / Dr. Renard – Assignment #3 – Christopher Rodriguez from The Woodlawn Theatre

This interview assignment is for Dr. Renard from UTSA. For my assignment, I have interviewed, Executive/Artistic Director, Christopher Rodriguez from The Woodlawn Theatre.

Interview with a Deputy Sheriff

I interviewed a law enforcement officer in order to get another perspective on the way the public views them given the recent actions made by some police.It was very insightful, as I learned things I might not have ever known...