Interview about Jobs, Childhood, and Capitalism, by Geonmoo

I interviewed Ms.Lizzie In a school called aoba international school in the small room that is in between drama room and music room. I interviewed her about capitalism, Childhood, her dream on the past, and about jobs. I didn’t asked...

“I got to learn more about my dad’s childhood”

In this interview, I got to know more about my dad’s childhood as well as what he did when he a small kid. I didn’t know that my dad was like because I thought I knew my dad but actually...


While I was interviewing my mom I found out some interesting facts. Her favorite job has been coaching, and she has also worked at a daycare and JC penny. She was called sweet thang in highschool, and even though I’m...

My mom’s childhood and how she became an engineer.

I asked my mom about her childhood and how it led her to become a engineer.

My Interview

We talked about what it was like growing up and his job/time in the military.

Thanksgiving Interview with grandma

This interview talks about Sally Drake’s life and her story through a series of questions asked by her granddaughter.