My grandma’s story

Today I interviewed my grandmother about her story

“My Greatest Accomplishment”

In this interview conducted on November 22, 2018, Jodie Dioses (16), a high school student at EHTHS, interviews her dad, Oscar Dioses (51), at their home in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. Oscar Dioses talks about his childhood and what...

“I was a mma fighter with them ankles.”

Nia talks about her childhood and how “fun” it was for her in her eyes, but that fun ended in some trouble.

I interviewed my RA and asked her questions relating to her personal experiences. (Analytical Paper #3)

My interviews gives great advice for teenagers and young adults. She talks about her personal experiences and what she has learned from those experiences.

Ancil and Ricardo talk about life

I interviewed Ricardo and asked hims questions about his life and how he views the world. I asked him about his family, friends and his hobbies. I also asked him how things around him affect his everyday life.

Conversation with Nigel Draper

In this 9 minute interview, I asked Nigel about himself, his career, and future aspirations. He was very transparent and thorough in answering all of the questions.

A Life of Faith

This is an interview with my pastor, Wendy Peacock. We discuss her life of faith, as well as reflections on life in general.

Narrative Interview

I interviewed my dad about his college life and the failures and lessons learned.

Interviewing My Mom

On November 26, 2017, I interviewed my mother, and some of the things I learned about her surprised me. I learned lessons about working, high school, and important life lessons. I even got to know more about her childhood, which...