One Small Step: Zach

“My brother-in-law is from Peru and his family is having a difficult time staying in the country as of recently, so that sort of changed how I looked at things.”

One Small Step: Rebecca

“I think having one of my daughters being involved in Hillary’s campaign was very empowering.”

One Small Step: John

“I grew up in the 90’s during a lot of economic prosperity, so I think that gave me kind of an optimistic outlook.”

One Small Step: Jim

“Currently I’m a civics teacher for high school–I teach American Politics, so I try to be unbiased in teaching our youth, and let them make their own decisions.”

One Small Step: Pryna

“Being both socially liberal, as well as economically and fiscally liberal is not typical usual for an Indian American family.”

One Small Step: Anonymous

“Women didn’t have a lot of rights in the ’50s and 60’s. They started to come around in the 70s.”

One Small Step: Karen

“They didn’t even have a soccer team for girls in Milford growing up, and that was really kind of sad, because I loved playing it in gym.”

One Small Step: Jeung

“One scene that struck me the most was there was a helicopter leaving Vietnam, and there was a ladder of people.”