Interview With My Opa

Born one of seven in World War Two Germany, Emil (Mike) Kropf speaks about his life—his experience coming to America, being drafted in the U.S. army, meeting the love of his life on a train and coming back to raise...

Fatiha Khiraoui

Fatiha came to Canada for her work, where she’s been living in for 4 years. She did not have much money to do club activities during her childhood, but she did make up for it by playing with neighborhood friends...

The secret life I live

Dakari talks about his life and his opinions on this current presidency and in thei interview it is explained the process of becoming a US citizen

Interview with Evan

Evan discusses one of his biggest accomplishments which focuses on him being invited to play soccer over in England.

Tom’s Thoughts

My father talked about my childhood and his personal/professional life.

March 14, 2018
More Than a Mere Textbook Definition – What Education Means for Today’s Youth

I interview high school teacher Paul Werner about the changes he has seen over the 25 years of Rocklin High School’s history. He mentions the effects of new technology, teaching methods, and college stress on students, which he believes has...