Ms. McBeth road with teaching.

AP Teachers of Bentonville West

***Warning*** There is a loud, rather obnoxious bell at the end of the interview. | This is an interview between Megan (Dysnomia) Alvey, who as of the interview was a senior in high school about to graduate, and her sophomore...

Agriculture teacher interview

We talked about what my teacher values the most. We also discussed what means the most to her and what made her who she is today

Graduation interview

I interviewed Mrs. Moore and learned more about herself and her growing up.

Interviewing Jenna Seigal About Her Past to Future

I interviewed my friend who is an Early Childhood Education Major about her past and what influenced her and what she would do in certain circumstances as an educator that she lived through already.


The growth in his teacher and my experience within the walls of his art room.

My Interview with my favorite teacher

This is the interview with my favorite teacher

Wise words from an amazing teacher

A deep conversation with my teacher who is a friend