Narrative of Bilal

Bilal is 17 at the time of this interview. He moved from Oman the United States a year and a half before this recording, and he shared many personal experiences from all facets of his life.

Leon Interview

Leon Culbresth discusses his love of video games and student of the year in a gripping interview hosted by Kevin Westerfer

Mktg101 interview

We talked about whether plastic bags should be banned or not and video game violence.

Video game violence
September 17, 2018 App Interview

Zack Ridgley interviewed by Cody Boone

Empathy interview with mom

Talked about how video games affect young minds

Preston and Efrain’s E3 adventure

Preston and Efrain reflect on the impact of video games in their lives and the spontaneity of E3

The State of Video Games

I asked my friend Tyler Clancy, who has an associates degree in Game Design, about the state of video games today and some of his personal favorites.