My Uncle and I

My uncle and I conversing about differences in our generations, politics, and the workforce

Interview with Dad

An interview with my father about what he thinks of me, his wife, and his own life story.

Interview With Mildred Jordan

An interview with one of the very under appreciated women that work in our school cafeteria. This goes to show that everyone’s story can be relatable and matters.

Afi Yellow-Duke and Hamilton Nolan
September 5, 2018 App Interview

Afi and Hamilton talk about the unionization of Gawker Media and the rise of unions in journalism, specifically in digital media spaces. Hamilton also shares his hopes for the future of the labor movement.

Uncle Sam’s Worklife

I talked to my uncle about his job and how it has influenced him and his favorite parts about it.

Grandpa Remes

Simply an opportunity to better understand the life of my grandpa. Our conversation covered everything from his childhood to final years of work.

The Everyday Hero

A brief interview with an 18 year old girl in a wealthy upper middle class school district where teenagers working isn't average.

The Beginning Path of Adulthood

Hanan Omar is my older sister who recently got a job at Marshalls three months ago. I interviewed her about how she got the job offer and some skills required. I also asked her about her favorite work story and...