Interview with Mom

I asked my mom the difficulties of becoming a parent and some advice

Childhood Friend

Today I will be interviewing my childhood friend from Cambodia. We will be talking about her cultural identity, family heritage, school, sexuality and religion. This casual interview is done via a video call instead of a face-to-face as she is...

Interview with my sister

What makes us, us. What makes us proud. Our dreams compared to reality.

Interview with my mom.

My mom and I talked about people who affected her life, regrets that she had, and lessons she had learned.

Recuerdos de niña

In this interview we talked about my mom’s childhood memories things she would have changed in her life if she had the chance to and advice she would give to future parents and to her kids.

Chris Seeley and dylanms1271

I took this interview on January 10, 2018. In this interview i asked my dad questions not just about his life, but about his point of view looking at me, his child. My goal was to learn more about my...