Kyle Decker and Renee Warmoth

Kyle’s unstable childhood, how it impacted him,and remembering to enjoy the process.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with my grandma, Dia Mostafa, Part 2

I interviewed my maternal grandmother, Rosh Dia Mostafa. She was born in Cairo, Egypt on October 28, 1930. She came to the United States in 1968 with my mother and grandfather. She got her masters degree in fashion design at...

Life of a Filipina Mother

My mother, Juliet Pagdanganan, has done a wonderful job with raising me. Listen and join our journey and learn more about this amazing woman and how she helped me come to be.

The Sick Interview

These were questions about my Aunt Diana’s life and past stories.

Blast to the Past

We were talking about the past, experiences and advice

Interview with my Papa

My papa is very smart, he is very loving and a great grandpa. He told me about my grandma Vi , and my aunts and uncles.