Interview about Caitlin Cherry

An interview about the incident in VCU painting and printmaking between Caitlin Cherry and Javier Tapia.

The Discussion of Feminism with Daisah Boyd

Daisah Boyd speaks on her opinion of feminism and what it means to be a feminist.

Music and It’s Impact

I sat down with my dad Dwayne Radden and took a ride down memory lane. I listened to him tell me about the impact of music and his love for music.

Interview with my dad

I had a talk with my dad about his life as a pilot and what it will take for me to do the same

Talking with Dad

Basically just a sit down conversation talking about life and what it’s about.


We discussed her past expierences and present opinions.

Grandaddy’s Life

My grandpa, Ike Wilson, told me about his life in the airforce throughout the Vietnam War. He also told me about his life and family.