Business with Grandpa

Dad (Greg Chapman) telling the story of getting his license and working for his dad, Papa Chapman

Everyday Courage

This interview is about my dad, Khoi Trinh, who talks about his life and how courage relates to him and everybody else.

Paige Munsey & Steve Allen – Courage Interview

Steve Allen, raised in California, but moved to Vancouver, WA talks about his experience being an EMT and police officer.

Me and my grandpa’s interview

The food wasn’t good, but the people were amazing. All I wanted was a burger and fries.

1.4c Mentor Interview

In this interview, I interview my brother, Jacob. We talk about himself, his life, and his aspirations for me.

1.4b Parent/Guardian Interview

This interview was between me and my mom and we talked about her life and her aspirations and memories of me

Uncle Andy

Sean Mullin interviewing his uncle Andy about his time in Argentina and moving to Canada as a child

Father Tony

We talked about how my dads life has changed through different events in his life and how people have made an impact on his life.