Catalina Griffiths and her nana Penny Chapel talk about growing up in Mission beach, California.

This interview took place in my bedroom, in clairemont San Diego, California, on November 18th 2018. I Catalina Griffiths, interviewed my nana Penny Chapel, who is 70 years old. We talked about a lot, and I learned many things about...

Everything’s Coming Up Ted

Ted Shank, university professor, director, and playwright, sits down with friend Sara Ah Sing and discusses life and experiences. Interview conducted on 4/24/18 in San Diego, California.

Diane- Racial Notions

Diane talks about her childhood, work, and racial notions throughout her life and career


This interview is conducted between me and my mother

Humanities Homework

We talked about what events in the life shaped them to be who they are today.

1st Interview

I talked to my grandmother about her life in the past and any advice she would give for myself and the future generations.

World History – Final Exam – Ryan Rodriguez

We talked about her childhood and what historic events happened.

Moms history

My moms history , and how her life was .

Talking to Pop-Pop

We went through most of his life and what he remembered was most significant in his life.

Mrs.Taylor and memories of her youth

During WW ll, all the men were drafed and she had to fill in for the science teacher for the time beaing without a clue of what she was doing. In December of 2017, Pilar Taylor (13) interviews her grandmother...

Giving Thanks

The Interview was based on various topics about the subject who was interviewed life

Learning more about Grandma

In the interview I learned what it was like during her child hood.

Living History: Elementary School with the Civil Rights Movement

Clifford King Harbin explains life in inner city Atlanta in the 60’s and her experience going to school with Martin Luther King Jr.’s sons.