Amy Yarger discusses Urban Prairies Project in Colorado with Karyn Light-Gibson

Karyn, a graduate student at Miami University, talks with Amy Yarger. Amy works at the Butterfly Pavilion as the Horticulture Director. She talks with Karyn about the Urban Prairies Project and its importance to the overall biodiversity of Denver, surrounding...

Christina and Marilyn Bischoff

Christina Bischoff: 2020-05-23 14:16:00 Marilyn Bischoff (75) talks with her daughter, Christina Bischoff (43) about love and life.

Claire Hughes and Emma Krzyzaniak

Claire Hughes: 2020-07-09 14:50:42 Claire talks with her co-worker Emma about how she's coping with at-home work and life during coronavirus epidemic.

Carlos Perez Borjá, Patricia Perez Fresard, Amanda Fresard, and Donn Fresard

Carlos Perez Borjá (84) talks with his daughter Patricia Perez Fresard (55) and his grandchildren Amanda Fresard (18) and Donn Fresard about his career as a neurologist in Ecuador and the U.S. CP also speaks about affordable healthcare and the...

Thanksgiving Video

We talked on thanksgiving and I had many questions I asked.

Tom Clingenpeel and Thomas Clingenpeel

Tom Clingpeel (78) talks to his son Thomas Clingenpeel (37) about his childhood, meeting Thomas’s mother, about being an Engineer, and explains why they never had other children.

C. Michael Woodward and Carolyn Langford Hussain Fort

Carolyn Langford Hussain Fort (53) talks to their partner, Michael Woodward (52) about how they met, his work with the trans community, and they remember Alexander John Goodrum, a transgender civil rights activist.

Paul Vexler and Ronald Green

Ronald J. Green (51) interviews his friend, Paul Vexler (68) about his early childhood, and renovating the synagogue for their congregation Temple Beth Or.

Bob "Uncle Bob" Santos and Luzviminda "Lulu" Carpenter

Bob Santos (81) talks with mentee Luzviminda "Lulu" Carpenter (37) about his history as a community activist in the International District of Seattle. Bob shares experiences he's had as an adoptive uncle of many youth activists around the city of...

Tim Faircloth and Rich Etchberger

Tim Faircloth (63) talks to his friend Rich Etchberger (57) about working at the Bureau of Land Management in Utah, the development of the wetlands, and the introduction of an internship program at the wetlands in conjunction with Utah State...

Aidan George and Kathryn George

Kathryn George (54) and her son, Aidan George (14), talk about KG's difficult childhood, the lessons she learned from it, and how those lessons are being passed down to AG.

Suzie Endow and Ellen Tanouye

Suzie Endow (54) has a conversation with her partner Ellen Tanouye (64) about their relationship and coming out later in life. Suzie talks about first meeting Ellen who was her pastor. Both describe their long term friendship, being Japanese American,...

Lynn Sugihara and Hoi-Fei Mok

Hoi-Fek Mok (27) interviews Lynn T. Sugihara (59) about her life. Lynn talks about her family history, her work as a dental hygienist during the advent of the AIDS epidemic in the 1990s, and her work with different community organizations....

Anthony Tusler and Fran Osborne

Fran Osborne (55) interviews Anthony Tusler (68) about art. Anthony talks about disability art, photography and different artists he admires.

Lisa Belloli and Rick Belloli

Lisa Belloli (50) speaks to her husband, Rick Belloli (52) about the influences that their parents had on them and what makes their marriage successful.

Elizabeth Carson and Wilton Carson

Elizabeth Carson (39) speaks to her husband Wilton Colby Carson (33) about Scott Allen Snyder, her fiancé who died after years of struggle with cancer. She reflects on their life together and her life now with Wilton Colby Carson.

Kathi Martin and Billie Ross

Kathi Martin (55) and her friend Billie Ross (62) talk about how Kathi's relationship with her father influenced her going into ministry and what happened on the day that Kathi was ousted from her own church that she built.

Heidi Seretan and Christopher Abreu

Heidi Seretan (33) talks with Christopher Abreu Rosario (32) about why she is passionate about working in education serving students living with disabilities. Heidi describes how she first started working with special education students and what she wishes people understood...