Shawn Sorbom and Mary Sloper

Mary Sloper (78) talks to Shawn Sorbom (28) about going to boarding school at age 5 in Imperial Valley, Californiia, her Croatian mother, and her career as a nurse.

Overcoming Stereotypes: As a Woman

This interview is regarding a woman’s opinion on the current limitations and stereotypes placed on women today.

Interview with my Mom

I'm doing this for a class assignment please at least give me a B-

EDUC 5030 -Stover & Pierson

Interview with Superintendent Hypes and board members.

My moms the best

Talking to my mom basically about her and a bunch of Italian things

Changing careers

Changing careers, memories of school

Marcus Shanks

HIST 18 Assignment 09/6/18

Immigration Interview

An interview with my neighbor, Irma Lobo, on her life and the Filipino tradition.

Patrick Asbeck Interview

Pat talks about his life, including his job, the love of his live, and advice for future generations.

A moment with my brother

The differences between our childhoods and the world

An Interview with Evan

I’ve always wanted to have an interview with my older brother Evan. Today, we discuss childhood, depression, and influences!

Bill’s Experience in College – Perseverance

My dad's experience in college, being from a small town and not going into college with a high level of education.

Interview – By Austin T

I interviewed my mother, and asked her about various things regarding her life.

Interview with Xenith Grae

An interview with Xenith Grae, my new neighbor.