Mom’s thoughts on life.

I ask mom a few questions about her life beliefs and experiences.


Interview with my brother about life experiences.

Rossana and Carrina

“I decided to home school several years ago just because of the local schools not being the greatest”


“The 2300 block of Hutchinson street in South Philadelphia, when I was a child, and today I am 89 years of age, but it was like a United Nations.”


“All the women in my family wrote me letters specifically about womanhood and what it means to be a woman and presented me a sword”

Tarea inglés entrevista

My mom thought me how with respect everyone can get along


“We had to do this really weird dance. Where you swing your arms and one leg goes up and then the other.”

Andrew and Stephen Thomas

We talk about a variety of things including talking about graduate school and looking at the past


“Philadelphia has more Civil War Statuary than anywhere in the country.”

Annabelle and her mother’s interview

Annabelle Foster interviews her mother, Tracy Foster.

Talking With Troy

Old man Troy and I speak about life in the good old days.