Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about Babou’s life and her ups and downs. She is a very interesting person and has a lot to say.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about childhood memories, people in our lives that make us happy, and holidays!

Grandma Doris and Ashley

I asked my grandma about her life and growing up

Get to know Jeff and his family life

In this interview with my Dad we get to know a little more about him and his most passionate moments and memories in his life.

The Story of Bea

At the beginning of the interview, we discussed Bea's family history. As the interview continued we talked about her earliest memories and her life being married and living on a military base.

Morgan Family Interview

My good friend and roommate Morgan and I talked about family and relationships while in the car.

The Thanksgiving Great Listen

We talked about a lot of childhood memories and my grandmothers timeline growing up .

Great Thanksgiving Listen

I talked with my neighbor who has lived by me my whole life. I Learned about her early life and how things were a lot different. Also, about her love life and how she used to babysit me when I...

Interview with Pèpè

Talking about military service, childhoods, and family.

Armstrong Family

a chaotic interview with a daughter, mother, lurking father, and noisy dogs.

Thanksgiving Interview w/ Parent

I asked my mom if she would like to do an interview with me about her as a person and a couple of memories she’s experienced when growing up.

How times have changed

Mother and son discuss life and childhood. Learn valuable lessons about life.

The Interview with Mom

During this interview, I was able to feel a reconnection with my mom. We were able to express ourselves to each other and tell how we feel.

December 6, 2019 App Interview

Being an adult and how to manage life after childhood.

Mother’s Interview

This interview was about my mother’s life & experiences.

Josh and Mum!

In this interview i ask my mum some questions that I have never gone into detail with her about before.

Mom, Tell Me About Yourself

My mom tells me about her opportunities in emigrating to America while she was still young, and the challenges her mother might’ve faced in raising kids compared to herself.

The Life of Larry DePiano

Me and my grand uncle, Larry, talked about growing up in the city of Birmingham during the 1950s. We also talked about what is was like to go to Vietnam.

Ethan childhood story

A funny story from Ethan's childhood.

Interview With My Nana!

Interview with my grandma, asking her various questions about her childhood