Mallika Bhargava 1A

Gunjan Bhargava describes how life was growing up and one of life’s hardest moments.

Interviewing My Father on His Life

My father and I discuss his struggles in life, his experiences and other things.

StoryCorps interview

Giving my father Jason Williams an interview on what he could do better

My mom Maria Flores

An interview with my mom about how she raised me and how she was as a kid. It’s an interesting insight to her old culture

Masi and Me

I interview my aunt in this recording. We talk about her childhood, marriage, and life now. If you want to listen to a heartwarming interview about love and life, we would love it if you listen!

Charli Thomas interviews Charles Thomas about his hardest and proudest moments

Charli Thomas interviewed her father Charles Thomas about his life. He talks about a teacher he had who changed his life. At minute __ he shares his favorite memory of Charli and when he saw her for the first time....

My Mom

Random stories in my moms life.

Grandma and Kylie

My grandmother and I talking about her life and family.

The story of my birth!

I interviewed my mom and asked her 25 required questions and more questions that I thought of along the way about my birth!

The Story of My Birth-With Mom

I sat down with my mom to talk about my birth story.

Dana Christianson

All I did was ask myself where I was born and when.

Álex tejero interview on mom

Mother talks about coming to America and culture change between Spain US and Mexico

My inspiration

life of a young mother who happens to be my sister. This event in her life changed her life dramatically and for the better. She is someone I look up to and hope to be half the mother she is...

My birth story
September 25, 2019 App Interview

This is my mother talking about my birth story.


Zaria tells me a little about herself and her experiences and future advice

Conversation with my Mama

I got to hear from my mom, stories of her childhood, and also of mine.

My wonderful Mom

We talked about what was happened ng when I was born.