Getting to know my family :-)

Today I talked with my step-father about his family background. Other questions were included during this interview.

Ezine Extra Credit

An interview about moments in Rosemary Barilla’s life.

Dad Interview

I’m asking my dad questions about his life.

Mom Interview

We talk about family and the ups and downs of the relations between parents, grandparents, and children

Talk With Grandma

We talked about my grandma’s childhood in the area of family and school. Towards the end, I learned that my grandma wanted to be remembered as an inspirational grandma.

Ife Means Love

My mom, Mary, shares her story of coming to America and raising 5 children while still preserving her culture. She highlights her life becoming an immigrant to America for the purpose of better opportunity for her family. The interview includes...

All about my Nonna

About my amazing grandmother, her life, and everything she has done for the people she loves

"I Love You, baby. Be good"

Maci Mercurio, a junior at EHTHS, conducts an interview with her pop pop John D’intino. This interview takes part of The Great Thanksgiving Listen, 2019. Her pop pop is someone who Maci views as extremely wise, loving, and funny. Throughout...

Great Grandma Mary Ziegler

About Great grandma, how her life has changed, and her love life.

Mi Corazon

My grandmother, Corazon (Zonie) Rodis’ experience as a child in the midst of WW2 in the Philippines and her immigration to the US. Zonie expresses her increasing passion for the Arts as well as the importance of family.

Out by the Old Barn

This interview looks into the life of my grandmother. It entails some of her fondest memories, and aspirations.

Fam 14 interviews Nanny&Bapa

Rita and Paul Sherr had 2 daughters who eventually provided them with 2 sons (in-law) and 8 grandkids – which are the pride, joy and loves of Nanny and Bapas lives. Rita and PAUL fell in love during high school...


Interview with my grandmother, Jo Ann.

Step by Step

Ah, Thanksgiving. No better time for a step mom to get real with her step daughter. This interview has a step daughter interview her step mom. Laughs were had, tears were shed, and turkey was eaten. This is the story...


Me and my Papa Herbie did a grand interview about his past, present, and future

Getting to know my Gramie better

I was happy to ask my grandmother these questions because I got to know her better and understand our culture.

Johnson-The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Things that we talk about revolved around life skills and advice for young individuals regarding money, relationships, and time.