Imagine a world where it was weird to be straight. Women and women, man and man, women and man, it didn’t matter the pair, anyone could have a child. It just happened to be that pairs of the same sex...

Interview With my Mom

We discussed primarily what was important to my mom in her life and many of her outlooks on life.

Mema and Me

Me and Mema (my grandma) talked about her past to find unexpected tragedies and moments of happiness.

Demarion and Vint

He really feeling his pain this year. Parents gone and corona just a disaster

Getting to know Destiny

Destiny told us about her child hood and and problems faced growing up.

Father with Dementia

This interview my boyfriend and I talk about him and his fathers bond, and the difficulties with handling his dad having dementia.

Building A Life With Missing Blocks

Within this interview that took place in Encino, CA lies a conversation between 14-year-old Bailey Ivory Rose Bellamy and 56-year-old Carmen Benitez on an issue surrounding the topic of leaving home. In 1978, Carmen married her husband who she had...

My Mother

In this interview my mother answers questions that not only reveal her heart but her mind.

“Si yo pudiera retroceder el tiempo, lo haría.” (If I could go back in time, I would.)

I interviewed my mother about her growing up as a child in poverty and how that impacted her today. She also talked about the value of family and how you shouldn’t take them for granted, like she told me “Tu...

Jeni Robinson interview

Jeni gets interviewed by her sister about her struggles in life

History interview

We talked about my grandma’s life when she was very young.

Interview with Kyla Hancock

During this interview with Kyla Hancock we talked about some of her childhood. We also had a mini conversation about what was the most difficult time in her life, how would her friends describe her,and how she could describe herself...

How 911 effected someone’s life

We talked about 911 and my mother’s life

Interview with my Mom

I ask her a few questions on her life and find out some new things about her.