Building A Life With Missing Blocks

Within this interview that took place in Encino, CA lies a conversation between 14-year-old Bailey Ivory Rose Bellamy and 56-year-old Carmen Benitez on an issue surrounding the topic of leaving home. In 1978, Carmen married her husband who she had...

Soccer coach
December 18, 2017 App Interview

Our soccer team lost and coach said “...”

Obstacles & challenges

A lot of family stuff that has happened

Sisters by chance, best friends by choice

Naomi and I talked about a lot of things in life. We talked about how we get hurt, but we have amazing friends and family that we can count on. We have so many positive memories that have been influenced...


Imagine a world where it was weird to be straight. Women and women, man and man, women and man, it didn’t matter the pair, anyone could have a child. It just happened to be that pairs of the same sex...

Leslie’s Story

I talked about me and my online friends meeting for the first time and hanging out but I realized it was all just a dream

My moms story after before during and after divorce.

I interviewed my mom Rosalia, she spoke to me about her past marriage to my father whom cheated on her and she divorced. This interview talks about the time before , during and after the divorce and what led up...

Practice Interview with Marcella

Marcella talks about her dreams and hopes.

Father with Dementia

This interview my boyfriend and I talk about him and his fathers bond, and the difficulties with handling his dad having dementia.

Life and Memories of Joyce Williams

An interview containing memories of Joyce’s life. Taken while at her home on November 21, 2017. Joyce talks about friends, bad decisions, and how’d she’d like to be remembered. Through her humor, she seems to have had a happy life.

LoganCMU Interview with Mom

My mom talks about her life in general. She also speaks some words of wisdom.

My Mother

In this interview my mother answers questions that not only reveal her heart but her mind.

Mema and Me

Me and Mema (my grandma) talked about her past to find unexpected tragedies and moments of happiness.