Luis Interview

This is about a a boy growing up after moving to the US from another country

Emma Whitwam interview with Elizabeth Wells-Whitwam

We talked about the different ways in which she was impacted by events in her life and how they shaped her.

Leo Kirshenbaum

A conversation about the advantages and disadvantages of a multicultural upbringing – part 2

Sociology Project – CJ Denault

I interviewed my mother about how I was raised and what I was like as a child.

Socialization with Clare

Interviewing my roommate Clare on the broad topic of socialization, her life, & what led her to becoming the person she is today.

A Coming of Age Story

We talked about her childhood and her family. Also about how both of these factors have influenced her life.

Interview with my mom about socialization.

This interview is private.

Socialization Project

I interview my step Mom about how she raised me


My mom talking about me being a kid for a sociology project

Socialization Project

This interview is about my childhood through my mother’s eyes. What I was like growing up also includes some funny stories and memories we shared. Also, I’m so sorry I sound like I am dying. I am a bit sick...

Socialization project

I interviewed my dad about how I was socialized growing up.

Family and Socialization

This interview entails the meaning of family and the effects of childhood in adulthood.

Interview with my dad

interview with my dad about how he raised and socialized me.

An interview with my mom!

This interview is me asking my mom questions about how I was raised.

Socialization as a child

This interview is private.

sociology interview

i interviewed my mom about family socialization for a sociology project

My Mom

My moms childhood and how she became the person she is today

Interview with Annabelle

I interviewed Annabelle about socialization, feminism, and street harassment.

Interview With My Mom

Interview with the realest and baddest I know.